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Hi there, I am Enea,
web developer based in Berlin

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Amusing Ourselves to Death

Think for a second about Albert Einstein. What comes into your mind? I immediatelly thought of a photo of his face, and almost nothing of…

Add Tags & Categories to Gatsby MDX blog

Tags and categories are an important section of a website, since they provide an easy way for visitors to browse content on your platform…

Shoe Dog

Written by Phil Knight, "Shoe Dog" is a memoir by the creator of Nike. It's an incredible story that represents a humble and honest…

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Responsive coffee shop website built with Gatsby, Tailwind CSS, Contentful and Snipcart.


A developer portfolio built with Gatsby, styled-components, GraphQL and Strapi Headless CMS.


Landing Page built with Gatsby, CSS Grid, styled-components, GraphQL and Contentful.

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