All This Could Be Different


A novel by Sarah Thankam Mathews about being young in the twenty-first century. About work, precarity, distant parents, queer love, and hope.

Favorite quotes from the book:

It’s really f*kig stressful working as an immigrant without residency, you know? It feels like at any moment the floor might give way under you.

How will we learn about the world if not from each other?

I want an excuse to change my life.

I did not consider myself a sellout. What I felt was that I had been saved from drowning. My classmates without jobs had moved in with their parents, were working unpaid internships at noble nonprofits.

Housing, he said, should be something you should pay for only to eventually own, not a way for rich people to make an investment off of other people’s precarity.

How was anyone expected to dream loftily about the future when the present ground them down to powder and nothingness?

Do you wake up each day for yourself or for someone else?

Do you believe your life to be your own?