Apple previews innovative accessibility features

Updated: May 18, 2022

Apple previewed innovative software features that introduce new ways for users with disabilities to navigate the world.

These powerful upgrades are amazing in themselves, but imagine them always active in a pair of glasses and without having to deliberately point the phone.

From Apple Newsroom press release:

Apple is introducing Door Detection, a cutting-edge navigation feature for users who are blind or low vision. Door Detection can help users locate a door upon arriving at a new destination, understand how far they are from it, and describe door attributes — including if it is open or closed, and when it’s closed, whether it can be opened by pushing, turning a knob, or pulling a handle. Door Detection can also read signs and symbols around the door, like the room number at an office, or the presence of an accessible entrance symbol.

With Apple Watch Mirroring, users can control Apple Watch using iPhone's assistive features like Voice Control and Switch Control, and use inputs including voice commands, sound actions, head tracking, or external Made for iPhone switches as alternatives to tapping the Apple Watch display.