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Explore some of my favorite open-source projects I've worked on over the last few months.

🖼 Arty

Landing Page built with Gatsby, CSS Grid, styled-components, GraphQL and Contentful.

🍔 Delicious

Responsive restaurant website built with Gatsby, Contentful, GraphQL and styled-components.

🌎 Globetrotter

Responsive travel agency website built using Gatsby, Markdown, GraphQL and styled-components.

🏛 Portfolio Website

Clean and minimal portfolio website built with Gatsby and styled with styled-components.

🖋 Minimal Blog

A minimal blog built with Gatsby, Netlify CMS, GraphQL and Web Animations API.

🏡 eneaxharja[dot]com

My Own Little Corner of the Web. Designed on a MacBook Pro in Tuscany (Italy). Built on Gatsby, the blazing-fast static site generator for React, and coded with VS Code.

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