It's all about the fundamentals

Updated: December 31, 2019

"Change is the only constant." ― Heraclitus

Frameworks and libraries are great. They are built to solve challenging problems that emerge in building modern web applications. They can be relatively quick to learn and can help you get productive and get the job done in a very short time.

However, it's important to keep in mind that frameworks are also fragile and one day will disappear.

No matter what frameworks and libraries you use and how popular they are today, they will not last forever.

JavaScript, the language itself, is always changing and depending on who you ask, it is becoming a more mature and reliable language or unnecessarily complex.

A good understanding of JavaScript is necessary to react quickly to changes in the industry and pick up new frameworks easily.

JavaScript is very hard to learn, but I believe that investing the time in getting a solid knowledge of the fundamentals will pay off in the future. Especially, when it comes to using the language in fields that go beyond the web, like machine learning and virtual reality.

For this reason, I decided to dive deeper into the fundamentals of the language, from learning how the main concepts work to adopting the best practices recommended by the community.

At the end it's all 'just' JavaScript!

So there you have it, my New Year resolution, if you like this kind of traditions. Brace yourself for some new posts on JavaScript, from the origins of the language, to the basics and most recent features.